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The Crown Jewel of the Chesapeake Bay

Mission Statement

Our mission is to restore Hart-Miller-Pleasure Island as a resource that enhances the natural, educational, recreational health benefits, and overall quality of life for current and future generations. We have developed a constituency of citizens, experts, educational institutions, business leaders, and elected representatives and officials who believe in the advocacy and support of our mission



1,100 Acres were created by dredging to accommodate larger ships, providing a unique habitat for over 300 species of birds and other wildlife


Easily accessible by boat, paddleboard or kayak, the island offers a beautiful sandy beach, 5 miles of trails, bicycle rentals, camping sites, and an annual 5 mile run. The proximity to the shore makes it the perfect place for other activities like, bird watching, and fishing


The development of Hart-Miller Island State Park includes volunteers, local community stakeholders, representatives from the environmental and scientific communities, local and state political representatives, and representatives from the educational and business communities


Friends of Hart-Miller Island State Park provide an effective voice with local, state, and national political leaders and policy makers

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